Children and young people

Providing a good start in life and enabling children to achieve their full potential and be physically and emotionally healthy provides the cornerstone for a healthy, productive adulthood.

Advice for parents

If your child is a healthy weight, there's lots you can do as a parent to help them stay a healthy size as they grow.

Team Up To Shape Up: Shake Up exercise challenge for youngsters

Help children be active this summer with games inspired by Disney favourites.

Get healthy as a family

Any changes to your child's diet and lifestyle are much more likely to be accepted if they involve the whole family.


NHS Go is the new way to get 24/7 instant access to information that can help you take control of your health.
NHS London children teeth

Children's teeth

10 tips for parents on the top causes of tooth decay in children – and how to avoid them.

Mental health

Understanding mental health can be tricky but The Mix is here to make sure you don’t have to do it alone.

Measurement programme

Children are weighed and measured at school. The information is used by the NHS to plan and provide better health services for children.

Childhood vaccinations

There's a recommended timetable for routine childhood vaccinations. This timetable has been worked out to give children the best chance of developing immunity against common, but potentially deadly, diseases.

Children in London

The health challenge is particularly acute for children as they need more physical activity to stay healthy.