Find information on the signs and symptoms of dementia here.

What is dementia?

This two minute animation explores what dementia is, what to do if you’re worried about memory loss, and keeping well if you have dementia.

Worried about dementia?

Dementia is not a single disease but rather it’s an umbrella term used to describe symptoms from diseases or conditions that cause a decline in mental ability.

Memory services

Memory services or memory clinics have been set up to provide specialist assessment for diagnosing, treating and supporting people with dementia. Memory clinics are run by health care and social care professionals.

Living well with dementia

Even if you’ve suspected for some time that something is amiss, being told you have dementia can be an upsetting and uncertain time.

Caring for someone with dementia

As a carer of someone with dementia, you’ll soon find the level of support that’s needed for their day-to-day living while maintaining their independence.

A Day in the Life of an Admiral Nurse

Maureen Kanabar is an award-winning Admiral Nurse who works for North East London NHS Foundation Trust in partnership with Dementia UK.