Health and wellbeing

Learn about your health and wellbeing and the NHS services in London that can help you.

Mental health

Mental health services are provided by your GP, primary care services, and specialist care services.


Find out more about cancer, spotting the signs and reducing your risk of cancer.
diabetes nhs london


Here are a few suggestions that will help prevent and manage the condition.


Before your baby is due, you’ll need to make plans about how and where you’d like to give birth.

Children and young people

Providing a good start in life helps children to achieve their full potential and be physically and emotionally healthy.

Sexual health

The NHS provides free and confidential sexual health services across London.


Most of us at some point in our lives have experienced some form of reaction to an allergen, be it food, pollen, pets or something else.
Asthma NHS London

Asthma - what you need to know

Asthma is a common but unpredictable condition that affects the tubes which lead from your nose and mouth into your lungs.