Data controller console

The data controller console is a new online system that aims to make it easier and more efficient for NHS organisations in London to store, update and track the status of information sharing agreements.

Information sharing agreements exist between many NHS organisations in London and are often paper agreements.The console aims to make the process of creating, agreeing and updating information sharing agreements more efficient and less time consuming. The console will reduce paperwork and make it easier to track sign up by organisations and make changes to existing agreements. The main users of the console will be information governance managers in trusts, care providers, local authorities and practice managers in GP practices.

Pilot phase

The console was launched in North West London and North East London in February, with NHS organisations registered on the new system. These organisations can now upload their existing information sharing agreements onto the system and send requests to other NHS organisations to accept these agreements. Planning is now in progress to roll out the console to other NHS organisations across London, with training for users on-going.  The console will also be further developed so it can be used by social care organisations in London, and support other types of agreements.

Console training resources

We have training resources to support NHS staff involved in the roll out:

For more information email

  Watch the training videos

Feedback on training 

We are keen to receive feedback on the training users receive so we can continue to make improvements. Feedback can be left by completing our online survey