Healthy London Partnership brings together the NHS in London (Clinical Commissioning Groups and NHS England) and our partners the Mayor of London, Greater London Authority, Public Health England, London Councils and Health Education England to achieve better health and care for all Londoners. We think that by working together we can make London the healthiest global city in the world. We invite you to explore our featured work programmes:

The Cancer Programme was established to find ways to improve the quality and effectiveness of early diagnosis and awareness of cancer, treatment and outcomes in London.

Key strategic documents including the NHS Five Year Forward View, the Better Health for London report and the recent Mental Health Five Year Forward View, all highlight...

A quarter of the population in London are children and young people. Find out what we are doing to tackle serious illness, mental health, asthma, and obesity.

Our vision is to create a way for London's NHS to exchange important information while enabling Londoners to input and access to their own records.

Every homeless person should receive care that is consistent in quality and experience with that of the general population and bespoke to meet their specific needs...

The Urgent and Emergency Care Improvement Collaborative has been set up to work with key stakeholders to define what the future approach to increasing London’s capacity for quality improvement...

We want to fundamentally shift from focusing on treatment of mental health issues to prevention and helping Londoners stay emotionally, mentally and physically well at all ages.

It is our vision for all care to be delivered in modern, high quality, fit for purpose, accessible premises. Robust strategic planning of estates across London will ensure high quality NHS estate that meets agreed standards and disability access requirements, the system will incentivise efficient and effective use of assets and unused or under-utilised assets will be consolidated or disposed of to build an investment fund for local priorities.

Our vision is for all Londoners to be more proactively involved in their health and wellbeing and the health and care system. Effective engagement will happen at an individual and collective level and will be universally accepted as key to good care and support...

We want it to be easier for Londoners to make healthy choices and ensure the environments where Londoners spend their time encourage healthy behaviours.

We want Londoners to have accessible, coordinated and proactive primary care that delivers individualised care for each person’s needs.

Improved patient experience through more joined up services; improved health outcomes; and equitable access to high quality sustainable specialised services. Providers will be incentivised through improved financial incentives over the longer term, reducing demand, where appropriate, and reducing unwarranted variation.

We want responsive, effective and personalised care delivered in or as close as possible to our patients’ homes, for those with non-life threatening but urgent needs.

Our vision is to support the development of a modern health and care workforce in London which is trained, focused and supported to deliver the best care for patients now and in the future.