Improvement collaborative

The Urgent and Emergency Care Improvement Collaborative has been set up to work with key stakeholders to define what the future approach to increasing London’s capacity for quality improvement should include and what the future support for improvement across London needs to address.

Most people will have some kind of need for urgent or emergency care and support in their lifetime. This is best addressed when our system is coordinated, consistent, clear and focussed on recovery and renewed independence.  Following the publication of the Five Year Forward View Next Steps report in March 2017, NHS England (London), NHS Improvement (London) and The Association of Directors of Adult Social Services have considered their support to local systems in order to achieve the ambitious urgent and emergency care priorities set out in the report. 

Achieving these priorities will help Londoners get the care they need in their home or as close to it as possible. When care in hospital is needed for our sickest patients, it will ensure they receive high-quality and timely care and only stay at hospital as long as needed.  It will also mean the system makes best use of all its resources; from our hospital beds, to our domiciliary care services, our A&E staff, social workers, district nurses and others.

What are we doing?

The improvement collaborative launched on 4 July,  2017. It is chaired by Professor Derek Bell, President of Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh and Director of NIHR CLAHRC Northwest London.  More than 160 delegates working in health and care across London's urgent and emergency system attended the launch.  Presentation slides from the launch can be found at the bottom of this page.  

Our goals

The improvement collaborative aims to:

  • develop a culture of continuous improvement with patients, carers and the public at its heart
  • empower leadership in local health and care systems
  • provide evidence-based tools and techniques and develop improvement capabilities and knowledge in local systems
  • develop discipline and rigour around using data for diagnosis, action planning and measuring improvement
  • provide inspiration, peer support and challenge across local systems.

The launch of the Urgent and Emergency Care Improvement Collaborative will be a catalyst for our collective delivery across London on the:

  • NHS Five Year Forward View priorities
  • eight high impact changes set out by the Local Government Association
  • role of social care detailed in Distinctive, Valued, Personal: Why Social Care Matters (2015).

Get involved

London has a strong track record of delivering change and the insight. Knowledge and expertise at every level across our system will make the improvement collaborative a success. Participation by colleagues across your local system will be crucial.  If you would like to get involved or would like to know more please email usl   

Further reading

Visit NHS England to read 'Next Steps on the Five Year Forward View' (March, 2017)

Go to the Local Government Association's website for the  High impact change model

Download Distinctive, Valued, Personal: Why Social Care Matters - The Next Five Years from the ADASS website 

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