Proactive care

Our vision is for all Londoners to be more proactively involved in their health and wellbeing and the health and care system. Effective engagement will happen at an individual and collective level and will be universally accepted as key to good care and support.

A London-wide, collaborative approach will increase levels of individual engagement and create a paradigm shift from fragmented care and funding models to people empowered commissioning. The re-launched myhealthlondon website will provide a single-online platform for collective citizen participation – providing added user value beyond information and transparency.

Download and read our 'Personalisation and self-care case for change'

Londoners do not always feel involved in the health and care or in decisions about their own health. Although there is strong recognition that the health and social care system belongs to everyone, people do not feel involved in it. Services have historically been designed by policymakers or providers and often do not reflect the needs and abilities of people that use them. Engagement is also key to keeping Londoners as healthy as possible – and supporting them most appropriately in times of illhealth.

It is crucial to understand what matters to people, by working with them to ensure that they can share in their own decisions about their own health. In this way, greater participation will also make a vital contribution to the prevention agenda by offering Londoners opportunities to manage their own health in their own way.

Having effective engagement at an individual and collective level is key to good health and care delivery.

Better Health for London, the NHS Five Year Forward View and the National Information Board Framework provide a strong mandate for greater levels of public engagement, citizen participation in care design and empowering individuals to be at the heart of their care – through enhanced personalisation, self-care and adopting a digital-first approach. Better Health for London modelled successful approaches to engagement and Londoners clearly expressed a desire for greater involvement in decision-making about health and care in a direct and transparent way. These strategy documents also emphasise the importance of learning from what is working well.

A number of initiatives are under way to improve engagement and participation, nationally, and in London. There are many groups, structures and organisations who are already gathering and communicating their ‘voice’, and this voice needs to be central to all developments in our transformation work.

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