Primary care

The Primary Care Programme has been established to transform London’s experience of primary care.

London CCGs and NHS England (London), working together as Healthy London Partnership, have a vision to transform London’s experience of primary care.

This is laid out in Transforming Primary Care in London: A Strategic Commissioning Framework (2015) and aims to:

  • Support patients to consistently receive a high quality of care, no matter who they are or where they live in London
  • Support the sustainability of primary care

Read the Transforming Primary Care in London: A Strategic Commissioning Framework 

The programme is centred on delivering a new offer for patients and is working with local areas to realise the vision laid out in the Strategic Commissioning Framework. The principle is that care will be personalised to people’s needs and reach certain standards of care that patients and clinicians have told us they want:

  • Making care easier to access 
  • Better coordinated with other services; 
  • More proactive in helping people stay healthy or in control of their health problems. 

The Primary Care Programme has focused on helping health commissioners develop local plans to implement the Strategic Commissioning Framework. The programme has been supporting providers to build sustainable organisations and also facilitated the sharing of best practice and innovations.

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Transforming primary Care in London: A Strategic Commissioning Framework sets out a bold new vision for primary care in the capital centred on proactive, accessible and coordinated care.

Good access to general practice is important to everyone. It’s important to patients who may be distressed or who may suffer if diagnosis and treatment is delayed...

Many Londoners will be receiving care from several different services and that can become confusing and frustrating if the services don't work together.

Proactive care keeps people well and focuses on prevention rather than cure. It includes those activities and interventions, which contribute to improving health and wellbeing by increasing self-reliance, capacity and resilience in patients, the people who support their care and across local communities.

We aim to support leadership for clinicians and emerging organisations to add value to local work and enhance existing abilities of providers and commissioners...

We are supporting NHS England's Patient Online a programme designed to support GP practices to offer and promote online services to patients...

Healthy London Partnership has a a team in place to deliver training on summary care records to over 1400 London Community Pharmacists.