Find information and advice for using the NHS in London.

How do I find my NHS Number?

Your NHS Number helps to find your health records.

Choosing the right service

If you are feeling ill, make sure you get the help you need.

Advice for patients

The Patient Advice and Liaison Service offers confidential advice, support and information on health-related matters.

What is an NHS medical card?

You do not need an NHS medical card to receive NHS treatment.

Advice for overseas visitors to London

Overseas visitors should take full identity documents when visiting NHS services in England. A healthcare professional will let you know if the service you need requires you to pay an upfront fee before you can be seen.

The NHS in London

NHS England commissions more than £15bn of services for the 8 million people living in the capital.

Find your CCG

Clinical Commissioning Groups are clinically-led statutory NHS bodies responsible for the planning and commissioning of healthcare services for their local area.

Can I get signed off sick from work without seeing a GP?

It depends on why you’re off work sick and whether your GP wants to see you in person before they issue a fit note.

Help with prescription costs

If you know you’ll have to pay for a lot of NHS prescriptions it may be cheaper to buy a prescription prepayment certificate (PPC).

Where are my health records?

Healthcare records record important clinical information which may need to be accessed by healthcare professionals involved in your care.

How to complain about NHS services

If you're not happy with an NHS service, you can make a complaint. You should complain to the person or organisation providing the service first, such as the GP, dentist, hospital or pharmacist.

Easy-to-read health information

Easyhealth was made so that people know where to find accessible health information.