This page provides pregnancy and maternity information for London. You will find information on maternity care provided by different areas and helpful links to support pregnant women and their partners. In London there are 27 hospitals providing maternity care and three free-standing midwifery units.

Benefits and employment rights

If you are pregnant and work you have four main legal rights: paid time off for antenatal care; maternity leave; maternity pay or maternity allowance; protection against unfair treatment, discrimination or dismissal.

Maternity leave and pay

Statutory Maternity Leave is 52 weeks. You don’t have to take 52 weeks but you must take 2 weeks’ leave after your baby is born (or 4 weeks if you work in a factory).


Midwife-led information covers everything you need to know about having a safe and healthy pregnancy, from conception to birth.
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Tips for speaking up on pregnancy

A short film aimed at helping women in pregnancy or during the postnatal period share their safety concerns about life threatening illness and enabling maternity response.


Tips and advice for mums-to-be on having a healthy pregnancy

MAMA Academy

Supporting mums and midwives to help babies arrive safely.

Always Ask

Why you should always trust your instincts.

Help and emotional support

Having a baby can be joyful, exciting and rewarding. However, it is also common for pregnant women and new mothers or fathers to experience anxiety, depression or emotional distress.

Local Maternity Systems

There are 27 hospitals providing maternity care and three free standing midwifery units. They are split by area known as Local Maternity Systems.

Pregnancy information in different languages

Click here to find information on safer pregnancy and baby movements’ leaflets.

Hepatitis B added to routine baby injections

All new babies across the UK will have an anti-hepatitis B injection added to the other routine vaccinations they are given in their early life.