Local Maternity Systems

There are 27 hospitals providing maternity care and three free standing midwifery units. They are split by area known as Local Maternity Systems.

North West London

Our vision is to lead the way in providing first class, safe maternity care that offers choice, individualised continuity and that has the family at the heart of everything we do.

North East London

Our vision is to provide accessible maternity services centred around women and families; and for those services to be more caring, compassionate and offer women the very best experiences of safer care, with kindness and choice at the heart of this offer in line with...

North Central London

We will strengthen relationships between pregnant women (and their families), and those providing their care. When our local maternity system is truly centred on these relationships many of the barriers to providing effective, efficient and safe care will disappear.

South East London

Our ambition is for mothers, babies and their families in South East London to experience joined up, high quality care during and after their pregnancy. They should be supported to make choices that are right for them, and where risks or complications mean additional...

South West London

Our vision for maternity services in South West London is to provide consistently high quality and financially sustainable maternity services delivered by a workforce that is equipped, skilled and confident to support and care for women, babies and families.