University College London Hospital

Map Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Wing, 25 Grafton Way, WC1E 6DB

Switchboard 020 3456 7890

Maternity helpline 020 3447 9400


Specialist services include: diabetes; infection diseases; multiple gestation; fetal medicine; perinatal medicine; maternal medicine; private patients care.


Birth Centre

The Bloomsbury Birth Centre has seven en-suite birthing rooms and two birthing pools.

You can self-refer online here.

Phone 020 3447 9360 / 07908 378855


Private rooms are available at a cost of £850 per night


Delivery Suite

The Labour Ward has twelve en-suite birthing rooms and one birthing pool. 

Facilities include wireless monitoring devices.

Phone 020 3447 9400 (option 2)

The antenatal ward has 10 beds. 

The postnatal ward has 46 beds. 


Home birth

Home birth services are available for women who live in the local area.


There is no car parking available at this hospital.