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Maternity Services at the Whipps Cross Hospital

Our Maternity service provides full maternity care for women who give birth at Whipps Cross University Hospital.

Bookings for women within the borough of Waltham Forest are carried out by the Community Midwives, with out of area bookings undertaken within the hospital Antenatal Clinic.

Antenatal care is community based for all women with uncomplicated pregnancies. Midwives and GPs have direct referral access to consultant clinics and the Day Assessment Unit if complications should occur.

Whipps Cross Hospital
Whipps Cross Road
E11 1NR

Hospital telephone number
020 8539 5522
Labour ward telephone number
020 8539 5522, ext 5732/6084
Alternate telephone number
020 8539 5522, ext 5395, 5055

Maternity Choice data

It is each woman’s right of where they choose to have their baby; the recently published NHS Mandate 2012 states: ‘The NHS will Offer women the greatest possible choice of providers’.

This data may help you to make that choice, however there will be variation between normal births and caesarean sections when comparing hospital. The variations in outcomes can sometimes be related to the general health of mother and baby both before and during the pregnancy.

  • Total number of women who gave birth

  • Total number of births

  • Caesarean Sections

  • Normal births

  • Spontaneous vaginal births that do not meet definition of normal births

  • Instrumental births

  • Births by planned caesarean sections

  • Births by unplanned caesarean sections

  • Births in MLU or birthing centre

  • Births in acute labour ward

  • Normal births in MLU or birthing centre

  • Normal births in acute labour ward

  • Ratio of midwifes per women